This is John Perham's web page.

Here are a few pictures of my son Steve and his family. They were taken
in Oklahoma in June after my Grandson David's graduation from Military
Academy. He is now in the Army.

Ok-SteveDestiny.jpg (121355 bytes)

My son Steve with Destiny, his Granddaughter.


Ok-ChristinaDestiny.jpg (134624 bytes)

Steve's daughter Christina and Destiny


OK-ChristinaSteveRochelleDestiny.jpg (135688 bytes)

Christina, Steve, Destiny and Rochelle.


Ok-DanielSteveDestinyJohnChristina.jpg (107072 bytes)

Grandson Daniel, Steve, Destiny, Me and Christina.


Ok-David.jpg (141947 bytes)

Grandson David.


Davidwithflag - smallest.jpg (82174 bytes)

David at Fort Bliss, December, 1999.


Steve and John - small.jpg (96031 bytes)

Steve and John at El Paso airport, December, 1999.

Steve, John and Jim - small.jpg (105671 bytes)

Steve, John and Jim at the Officers Club, Fort Bliss, December 1999.


David getting diploma - smallest.jpg (63932 bytes)

David getting his diploma from Partiot Missile School, Fort Bliss, December, 1999.


All 4 at restaruant - smallest.jpg (99546 bytes)

John, Jim, Steve and David. Out on the town. El Paso, December, 1999.



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