AppBar Frequently Asked Questions

Q. AppBar doesn't work with Windows 97/Internet Explorer 4.0!
A. I know.  Too bad.  That's what you get when you run bleeding edge
software.  I may fix this when the final version of the software has
been released.

Q. Why when I change a setting and reboot, does it not save the previous
A. This is a known bug.  You need to QUIT AppBar and then reboot if you
have changed any settings.

Q. Are you going to add feature "x" to AppBar?
A. I am no longer going to continue development of AppBar publicly.  I
will no doubt add features for my own use, but I don't have the time
to keep up a public release.

Q. Can I have the source?
A. Sure, there are two versions of AppBar: the standard C/raw Win32 API
version, and the MFC 4.x/C++ version.  The former is in the CSRC dir
while the latter is in the CPPSRC dir.  Be sure to use the -d flag if you
pkunzip the archive.  There are advantages to each version: the C version
is smaller and faster but the code is harder to read and less organized,
but this doesn't matter if you are simply going to compile and run the
program.  The MFC version is larger but the code is much easier to
understand and maintain.  Basically I wrote the MFC version to learn
C++/MFC.  I recommend using the C version if you are going to compile your
own executable.
   You must obtain my permission before using any of the code in any other 
program; the supplied code is for educational purposes ONLY, not for 
someone to make a quick buck.  If the program is freeware, I'll probably 
allow it.  If it is shareware or commercial, maybe if I get a free 
registered copy.

Q. Why doesn't my screen saver activate when AppBar is running?
A. This is a problem with Win95 (it works fine under NT3 and 4).  If you
have AutoHide enabled and AppBar is hidden, the screen saver should work
in Win95.  If you insist on turning off autohide, your screen saver will
not work.

Q. How do I add full-window drag to Win95?
A. Try downloading  Do not
mail me with problems with this program.  I provide it as is.

Q. Why doesn't my program run or why does it leave its INI files in
   AppBar's directory?
A. Try setting the working directory to the app's directory.  This should
be set automatically as of 1.0 and later.  If you do not set a working
directory, AppBar uses the base directory of the executable as the working 
dir (i.e. C:\WINDOWS\WINMINE.EXE would get C:\WINDOWS as its working dir).

Q. AppBar does not run my *.LNK file correctly!
A. I'm not going to support this feature.  It is not well documented by
MS.  If it is not a link to an EXE file, I can't guarantee it will work
at all.

Mike Perham (