Problem Description

Currently, there are very few development tools for the Java language which provide an object level view. Programmers are pretty much left on their own to develop projects. This requires the programmers to worry about many of the mundane details rather than focusing on the problem at hand. In addition, each programmer has to have a good understanding of the overall structure of the code based on the actual code. Therefore, when new members join a team, they cannot easily get a feel for how the code is structured and how the program works.

To solve this problem we have created Brewery, a simple and easy to use visual programming tool.

About Brewery

Brewery is a visual design and programming tool for Java, built to provide an easy and simple programming interface. It allows the structure of a programís objects to be constructed visually. While specifying the structure, the user may also input functions and variables associated with each object. The final output of Brewery is a set of files of Java code.