Mike Perham

630 Stewart Ave.
Ithaca, NY 14850
mperham @ cs.cornell.edu

4481 Elder Ave.
Seal Beach, CA 90740


To find a fast-paced, cutting-edge job in the computer industry that allows me to flex my programming skills. I really enjoy working in small teams, so a job involving a tight-knit group working on one project would be ideal.


Cornell University, graduating Dec 1997, M.Eng Comp Sci, Current GPA: 3.7
Cornell University, graduated May 1997, BS Comp Sci, GPA: 3.1
Los Alamitos High School, graduated May 1993, GPA 4.0


Software Design Engineer - Microsoft Corp.

Summer 1997

As a member of the Telephony API group, I was assigned several tasks during the course of the summer including: 1) Improve the robustness of the RPC network connection between the telephony client and server; and 2) Design and implement the integration of client/server telephony information into NT 5.0's Active Directory. This integration drastically improves the ease of administration of telephony clients and servers.

Workstation Engineer - PeopleSoft, Inc.

Fall 1995, Summer 1996

During the Fall, I developed several in-house utilities including a data backup program and a database query interface. The database program used Visual Basic for the GUI and query generator and the Crystal Reports OCX as the interface to the SQL database and report generator.

In the Summer, I developed driver installation routines using custom INF files for Windows 95 drivers not detected by the system. Also worked on software package installation and automation using WinInstall software.

Researcher - Cornell CS Dept.

Summer 1995 - Present

My research work focused on our extension to the Tcl language that implements distributed processing on networks of workstations: Tcl-DP. I am the lead developer and my position requires: 1) programming knowledge of Win32 and UNIX; and 2) network protocol knowledge including TCP, UDP, IP multicast and serial ports.


M. Perham, T. Janosi, I. Lam, B. Smith. Redesigning Tcl-DP. Published in the Proceedings of the 5th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference. July 1997, Boston, MA.


Databases, Distributed Systems, Distributed Algorithms, High-speed/Parallel Computer Architecture, Software Engineering, Graphics, Digital Hardware Design, Networks, Computational Theory, etc.


C, C++, Pascal, Java, Visual Basic, Assembly, HTML scripting, Tcl and a bit of Spanish.

References available upon request