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April Notes

April 11th, 2009 · No Comments

  • I changed the oil in my Porsche this morning. It took an hour and it was really messy so I doubt I will do it myself again. Since the Boxster only needs an oil change every 15k miles, that’s every two years for me so it’s not worth the savings. The oil + filter cost me $80 and the Porsche dealer wanted $210.
  • Tammy discovered sawdust in the sunroom and I discovered carpenter/wood ants. They were there two years ago and I guess they are back for seconds. Pest control guy has been called.
  • I changed the rear tire on my bike last weekend. I decided to buy a Craftsman motorcycle jack to pick up the bike. It’s complete overkill for the job but it worked awesome and worked great as a jack for the car when doing the oil change.
  • I just finished some contract work for FiveRuns, polishing some of the features I wrote in Dash. Nice to earn a little spending money. Of course, Tammy has decided it will be spent on our honeymoon and not on Apple hardware, as I suggested. There’s only two of us and she has the tie-breaking vote. :-)
  • Looks like we’re heading out for drinks with Nik tonight and brunch at Chateau Perham with Jen and Christopher tomorrow.
  • I fixed a bug where I wasn’t receiving email notifications of new comments here, so that’s why I wasn’t responding to your comments. Sorry about that!

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