The v1.02 EXE had a bug in it due to a compiler bug in VC 4.2 (really!) that caused AppBar to crash when using the Find... dialog due to a corrupted stack frame pointer. This has been fixed and the zip file has been updated.

AppBar v1.02 is now available below in Win95/WinNT English version only. I do not plan on supporting foreign languages anymore. This version lowers memory requirements a bit and works with IE 4.0.

AppBar v2.0 has been put on indefinite hiatus while I finish my last semester here at Cornell and look for a job. The source is currently about 50% done but will require several more weeks of solid work to get compiling/working.

Please send me suggestions for additional features.

AppBar is a fast menuing system for Windows 95/NT. It stresses simplicity and memory frugalness rather than OLE support. Even the source is included in the package!

AppBar is officially freeware, which means it costs nothing to everyone except for one change of my own: for-profit businesses must license AppBar at a cost of $1/computer. Buying 100 licenses (i.e. $100) gets you an unlimited license.

Screen shots

Windows 95
(note battery life %)
Windows NT v3

AppBar 1.02
AppBar 1.00 with Source
AppBar 1.00 for NT3
AppBar 1.00 (German)
AppBar 1.00 for NT3 (German)

The AppBar Frequently Asked Questions

A Japanese language kit has been prepared. No support will be given for this. You must have MSVC 4.x and know how to compile.

I'd like to download an ancient version of AppBar to see how much things have changed since the start.

AppBar 1.02

AppBar 1.00

AppBar 0.99

AppBar 0.98

AppBar 0.97

AppBar 0.96

AppBar 0.95

AppBar v0.94

AppBar v0.93

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