This page is an archive of my Cornell homepage as it existed when I graduated in December 1997.

Free Software


AppBar is an advanced menuing system for Windows 95/NT. It is 32-bit only and includes the full source code!

This is a simple utility to change your desktop bitmap or color. You can get v1.2 here. It too includes the full source code.


BeOS Device Driver Info
A page devoted to writing and debugging BeOS device drivers.



I'm a Cornell Computer Science major and a member of the research team headed by Prof. Brian Smith.

I am working on a distributed computing extension to the Tcl language called Tcl-DP. There is a whitepaper on the new version and here's the main ftp site for the software.

When I am not working/studying, I am usually playing my 5-string Carvin or 4-string fretless Ibanez SoundGear basses. I have been playing bass for 7 years now.

I live at 630 Stewart Ave: Cayuga Lodge where I am disbursment treasurer this semester.


The Future

This summer I worked at Microsoft in the Windows NT Networking group as a Software Design Engineer (i.e. programmer).

Last summer I worked at PeopleSoft, Inc, world leader in enterprise client/server database tools. Here's a recent job description posted internally to PeopleSoft that described my job.

I will be staying here until Dec 1997 to get an M.Eng degree.
I have accepted a job at Trilogy working as a Software Engineer starting January 1998.

Miscellaneous Pages

My resume.
A CS516 homework: parallel modelling of heat flow.
Brewery - GUI Java programming environment.
CS516 Final project: Split-POV, a parallel version of POV-Ray.
My Magic: The Gathering trading references.
My schedules at Cornell.
My car.

Hot Links

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